Withnail and I

I think this image expresses how I’ve been feeling this past week. But let’s be honest, it’s a great movie too.



Snippets: Enjoy Your Moment

And by “your” I mean “mine” because I’m pretty sure I’m one of two people my age that finds this man ridiculously attractive. Cut-off shirt and all.


Overhaul: Lithium&Beryllium 3.0

Well hello there internets! Did you miss me? I bet you did. Just a little right? It’s OK, I missed you a little too.

So let me explain my absence for almost eight months. It’s a little thing called college graduation, and it happens to most people around my age. Don’t worry, I survived with minimal PTSD and my doctor says the panic attacks will subside in a few months. No, but really, I had to sort some “life” out before I could get back to wasting my time. That being said, who’s currently riding the unemployment couch? This gal! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a random minimum wage job for about six months now but we just decided it’d be better if we stayed friends. Sometimes you have to quit to move forward. Now stop asking questions.

The real reason of this post is to point out that I took four hours out of my day to redesign the blog. Let’s call it a fresh start and speak no more of it. Actual interesting post to follow.

Estherocket (back in action).

Top 5: Music of the Week (8/22/11)

Something sweet and simple for the audiophiles.

Top 5 Songs I’ve Been Overplaying This Week:

In no particular order.

1. Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – “I Swear”: Because I love pseudo-rockabilly and anything that’s remotely bluesy, grassy, or bluegrassy.

2. Steve Winwood – “Valerie”: OK, call me dumb but I had no idea this existed. I’m a huge fan of Eric Prydz and “Call On Me” is like the icing on a cake made of Ecstasy stamps and sex at a 90’s rave. It only makes sense that it was a fantastically cheesy 80’s tune.

3. One Man Army – “S.O.S.”: I’m a little biased here because One Man Army has become one of my favorite bands in the span of a month. Jack’s voice gives me the good-kind-of-shivers.

4. The View – “Grace”: I’ve been to Scotland. I love Scottish boys. This song is catchy as hell. It makes me angry just how catchy it is. F*** now it’s stuck in my head AGAIN. Foiled.

5. Rare Earth – “Get Ready”: Ignoring the lame-ness of this youtube video, this song is a-maze-ing. I’ve been playing it everyday and jiving around my bedroom.


Lady Gaga LipDubdub!

So, I don’t want to reveal too much about my personal life, but a school I may or may not attend may or may not have created the coolest/geekiest/obsessive/over the top video in the world.

I may or may not have walked past the filming, jealously thinking I should or should not have signed up.

But by all means, DO enjoy!


Visit The Doctor for Christmas

Cause no matter where you are, I guarantee he’ll be blowin’ up your TV screen. What am I talking about? THE DOCTOR WHO CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without Hanukkah first and then some Doctor.



Ignoring the Spanish subtitles….WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I’m gonna go change my pants now. ¬°Linterna Verde vivir√°!